Construction work

Construction work at the Thornhill site in the heart of Mount Merrion will get underway on September 1.

The owners of the historic site, Oak View Property Developments, have confirmed hoarding is due be erected around around the eastern side of the 1.39ha (3.44ac) site from August 17.

Planning permission is now in place for the construction of 42 dwellings on the site, including 33 three-, two- and one-bed apartments and nine three-storey terraced and semi-detached homes.

There are further plans to restore the ivy-clad Thornhill House and existing outhouses, which will occupy a central position in the scheme. The protected Georgian mansion will remain in single residential use following restoration.

The stables, dating back to the 1870s, at the rear of the main house will also be conserved and restored.

The homes will have strong ecological values to reflect the natural beauty of the tree-lined site, of which a protected 200-year-old holm, or evergreen, oak will be the showpiece.

More updates to follow.

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